Managing to the Bottom Line

Business management today is no different that it has always been. Finding the right products, the right employees, the right distribution channel, minimizing costs while maximizing profit is still the goal; creating wealth for owners, shareholders and employees while providing value to customers. It’s a delicate balance that can be mastered but can easily drag down a company if the model is not handled correctly. Finding new techniques for reducing costs, improving processes while still bringing value to the market is paramount.

What if you were able to acquire a product or service  which could increase your revenue stream by 7-20% with an ROI of less than 36 months with a 5 year warranty and expected lifespan of 15 plus years? What if the product qualified for energy rebates of up to 50%, depending on the electric utility? Would you consider it? What if the methodology to prove the technology, pre & post installation was data-driven to ensure results? And the technology was patented with case study documentation of installations around the world, would you consider it a viable technology to explore?

At  JBrowning & Co. one of the newest technology products we offer is the Force Energy Saving module. It’s a patented, natural mineral based design and an alternative to the expensive electro-mechanical harmonic filters on the market today. The Force ESS system has been installed in all types of industrial, retail and commercial businesses since 2007. Each Force installation is custom fit for the electrical requirements of the business application. It is proving to be an outstanding addition to the electrical grid. Our customers are seeing reduced maintenance costs, longer life projections for motors by reducing motor temperature in the operating environment and a higher efficiency of electrical current to the system.

As the market forces of today continue to become more competitive, finding new ways to control costs will be imperative. We believe our line of energy products will help you achieve your goals.

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