Finding New Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

We are constantly being reminded of how much energy we use on any given day. Technology continues to move us forward, helping to find new techniques which can lower our consumption. However in most homes and businesses we struggle to find the balance. As our homes become more technologically advanced, so does our energy consumption. Switching to LED lighting is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint but the up-front cost of the bulbs can be a deterrent. LEDs will come down in price as more people begin to change from the CFL and incandescent bulbs. In most cases the switch to LED lamps will save up to 85% in energy costs per light. That is a substantial reduction.

One of the newest additions to the energy savings market which is now available to the residential home is the FORCE ESS module. The FORCE module is attached directly to the incoming electrical supply panel. The FORCE module produces a constant flow of electrons into the electrical wiring to help increase the efficiency of the supply. Increasing the efficiency helps to reduce the kilowatt consumption throughout the home and lower the electric consumption by 8% or more. The technology is patented, tested and approved for home use.

The LED and FORCE ESS product lines were designed for the industrial and commercial markets. Years of research, development and implementation in all types and sizes of projects around the world has provided a wealth of case studies. Bringing new ideas to the marketplace is challenging in a number of ways. Breaking down old assumptions, negative past experiences, unproven products and results are just a few of the barriers when new product ideas are introduced.

Our goal should always be to test, verify and implement new products or designs that can bring new methods to the market. Doing so helps everyone. If we can produce products in a more efficient process we can be more competitive in the marketplace. It’s just good business!

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