What If?

That’s a big question…one that is asked by most of us as we encounter different situations and scenarios. I want to pose the question this way for today; “What if we discover a technology or technique that could reduce existing electric consumption in all areas, residential, commercial, industrial and transportation by an average of 10%? What if the technology is based on a natural mineral and doesn’t contribute to a carbon footprint in operation? Would that be something we should consider?”

Common sense tells us yes. However, most people are skeptical of anything different or outside their realm of understanding. We have grown up with the image of the “snake-oil salesman”, the  stigma of the “used car salesman” and in some of our experiences, the failed equipment sold to businesses that didn’t perform or wouldn’t work as promised. Billions of dollars have been lost to failed projects due to “promised results” failing to materialize. Having a healthy caution as we consider new or different technology is warranted. But there comes a point in our decision making process where we need to commit.

As a representative of a new and different technology product, I find it a challenge to break through the “clutter”. As our product is presented, I can see and feel the tension in our potential customers as they try to grasp the concept and reality of how it can work for them. Once they comprehend the possibilities, they begin to ask the right questions. Then we begin to discover what the true value will be.

I began this topic by posing a couple of questions. I’m not a scientist or mathematician so the numbers from the EIA for this report are staggering in size. I have added a line at the bottom to show what a 10% savings in electric consumption would mean to the USA.

2012 Total Electric Industry- Sales (Thousand Megawatthours)
(Data from forms EIA-861- schedules 4A, 4B, 4D, EIA-861S and EIA-861U) table2_Force calc

The bottom line – it is achievable. We have a technology that is proving everyday in all types of applications, in all parts of the world, that energy conservation is doable. Companies, factories, airports, hospitals,schools, office buildings, warehouses, rec centers, assisted living facilities and homeowners are reducing their electric usage by an average of 10-16%. Don’t believe it? We have satisfied customer data and case studies to prove the numbers.

Our product is non-invasive, not complicated and based on a natural mineral. It is patented, tested, documented and implemented around the world.

If you have questions regarding our process, we’ll be pleased to answer them. Our goal is simple- provide an alternative product for the marketplace.


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