CKS Energy -Force ESS Module

ForceESS – A Patented Natural Mineral alternative to consider in Energy Management

Inventors and entrepreneurs continue to bring new technologies and techniques to the marketplace, providing new alternatives and additions for managing energy consumption. As new products are developed additional opportunities to modify and gain new energy savings are realized to meet efficiency standards as energy costs and demand rises. Bringing bottom-line savings accomplishes multiple goals; reduction in energy expense, tax credits for energy reduction, incremental savings on repairs and upkeep and reduction in carbon footprint for the business. ForceESS installations around the world in all types of industries are realizing a reduction in energy usage of 6-20%.

Force-Energy Saving Module is designed to meet the needs of an ever changing workplace. Utilizing a natural element to emulate a harmonic filter, the Force module works across the total spectrum of harmonics to smooth the waveform of the electrical pattern in the electrical system.

CKS Final_Force – link to process map.

Why is that important?  Harmonics cause a disruption in the wave pattern of the electrical current, creating a non-uniform current. This disruption of the current causes the motor or electronics to work harder to gain a stable supply of electricity. Harmonics are prevalent in all types of motors, software management systems, variable drives and other regulator type elements. The Force generates a consistent, smooth signal into the system, minimizing the harmonic distortion to the motors or electronic drives. 

This technique allows for kW savings by- 

•Reducing resistance and improving conductivity – increasing voltage supply
•Reducing harmonic distortion across the total spectrum of wavelengths

•Reducing impedance – consistent supply to the electrical current

•Improving overall line stability – lower motor operating temperatures, lower maintenance costs and greater working efficiency of systems

Testing and Certifications

•SGS Approved
•MET Labs Approved
•UL Approved
US Patent – #US 2010/0134949A1

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Force-ESS Module